Thursday, April 30, 2020

Aaron Rodgers Trade Scenarios: Ranking Seven 2021 Landing Spots For The Packers QB

Aaron Rodgers isn't going anywhere, a minimum of for now. that is what Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur suggested immediately after his team traded up to use a first-round draft pick on none aside from quarterback Jordan Love, sparking debate on whether the reigning NFC North champions shall part ways with their future Hall of Fame starter sooner instead of later.

Not most are entirely convinced Rodgers is locked in as Green Bay's QB of the long-term future. Brett Favre, an equivalent legend who gave thanks to Rodgers quite a decade ago, said in the week he believes No. 12 will finish his NFL career elsewhere. And while Love may alright spend multiple seasons learning behind Rodgers before even getting the prospect to require the sector , it's conceivable -- from purely a financial perspective -- that LaFleur and Co. could look to form the transition as soon as 2021.

As Over The Cap reports, the Packers can save $22 million in 2021 salary cap space by trading Rodgers after June 1 that year, to not mention a further $22.6M in 2022 and $28.3M in 2023. That, to be frank, may be a lot of dough, especially considering Rodgers' big deal would seemingly prohibit Green Bay from making a fast switch to like .

Now, is it likely the Packers will attempt to trade Rodgers so soon? Not necessarily. Who's to mention he won't take the team right back to the NFC Championship this season? But if, for whatever reason, the Packers want to try to to so, they will not exactly be hamstrung.

Where, then, could Rodgers end up? We placed on our hypothetical cap and looked ahead to 2021, keeping in mind that teams who figure to struggle mightily in 2020 might find yourself using the draft, not representation , for a replacement QB. That, plus wanting to wait until June to trade their longtime franchise QB, could make it difficult for a Rodgers market to materialize.
Nevertheless, here are seven potential landing spots for Rodgers, within the event Green Bay shops him down the road:

7. Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jaguars are betting tons on former sixth-round pick Gardner Minshew in 2020, and considering the QB's supporting cast, it wouldn't be a stunner if Jacksonville were once more picking within the top 10 in 2021. That alone means they're probably more likely to pursue their future face of the franchise through the draft. Still, only two teams have more projected cap space for 2021, and therefore the Jags even have six picks within the first four rounds of next year's draft (i.e. many trade ammunition). Nothing would reignite a Florida fan base taken hostage by Tom Brady like Rodgers calling TIAA Bank Field home.

Rodgers won't be gung-ho about joining an AFC South cellar-dweller, but he'd likely be reuniting with new Jags assistant Ben McAdoo, who served because the Packers' QBs coach from 2012-13, when Rodgers had a 39-touchdown season and led Green Bay to back-to-back NFC North titles. It doesn't hurt No. 12 is seemingly an increasing fan of beachfront property.

6. Denver Broncos
John Elway just spent the offseason giving Drew Lock all types of latest toys, and he seems genuinely committed to letting the 23-year-old former second-rounder grow into Denver's unquestioned leader. likelihood is that , the team's 2020 additions -- namely rookie wideouts Jerry Jeudy and K.J. Hamler -- will confirm Lock because the Broncos' QB of the longer term .
But let's envision a scenario where Lock is hampered mightily by the abbreviated offseason, the new WRs have little time to create chemistry, and Vic Fangio's squad struggles to eclipse .500 while the Kansas City Chiefs roll on and therefore the l. a. Chargers prepare to unveil their own hot, young QB. Is it crazy to suggest Elway could be tempted to return to the veteran QB well, not only because it worked with Peyton Manning and since Rodgers would represent an identical gamble, but because Lock never cost Denver a premium price? Green Bay , meanwhile, would keep Rodgers out of the NFC, and Rodgers himself would get Colorado weather.

5. Indianapolis Colts
After striking gold on two homegrown prospects in Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, the Colts don't strike us as a team that desires to be within the business of counting on recycled big names beyond Philip Rivers in 2020. But Rivers may be a one- or two-year fix, at most, and his arrival means Jacoby Brissett isn't within the short- or long-term plans. it is also hard to think fourth-rounder Jacob Eason would stop Chris Ballard from thinking long and hard a few QB of Rodgers' caliber, were the longtime Packers star on the market.

Whether or not Rivers pans out (and especially if he doesn't), the Colts will assuredly be desperate for more of a sure, franchise QB by 2021, two years faraway from Luck's abrupt retirement. And if Frank Reich's interest was piqued by a reunion with Rivers, well, it is a safe bet he'd embrace a team-up with Rodgers, who he once declared the Steph Curry of the NFL. (Rodgers at 37 are going to be on a special level than Rivers at 38.) Indy has been building its roster love it intends to win sooner instead of later, and few passers wouldn't only sell tickets but get them closer to the promised land.

4. Washington Redskins
If you think that Dan Snyder and Co. are literally , indefinitely sold on Dwayne Haskins, their first-round pick of 2019, then you only haven't watched Washington do business long enough. this is often a franchise perpetually enamored with taking swings for veteran QBs (see: Case Keenum, Alex Smith, Donovan McNabb, etc.). And while Haskins should have a younger, improved supporting cast in 2020, he'll even be coming off an unusual offseason with a completely new coaching regime -- one that openly called ex-Panther and trade acquisition Kyle Allen competition for the Week 1 job under center.

In other words, it isn't even the last bit unfeasible Washington might be eyeing an all-new starter come 2021. And with the fifth-most projected salary cap space beyond this season, they'd surely have enough cash to a minimum of temporarily quell any resistance from Rodgers about suiting up for a mostly lackluster franchise. Ron Rivera's presence as a player's coach would be a welcome bonus. consider both the on-field and marketing possibilities from Snyder's perspective, bringing such a longtime arm to FedEx Field in an always winnable NFC East.

3. New England Patriots
The Pats have seemingly been content to proceed with uncertainty at QB within the wake of Tom Brady's departure, and it's extremely possible Bill Belichick believes his team are going to be fundamentally sound enough to win with Jarrett Stidham and/or Brian Hoyer. it is also possible Stidham really exceeds expectations in 2020, cementing himself as a worthy successor to TB12.

But let's not kid ourselves: If Rodgers were available, Belichick would need to make a call. Longtime Packers personnel executive Eliot Wolf, who was in Green Bay when the Pack drafted Rodgers and when Rodgers won both MVP and an excellent Bowl, now resides in New England's front office. And whatever you've got to mention about the Patriots' offensive system, does anyone really think Robert Kraft and therefore the entire leadership team wouldn't jump at the prospect to place one over on the remainder of the league and go from touting Tom Brady to Aaron Rodgers during a matter of a couple of years? Instantly, they'd get back title-favorite support. Rodgers would get an opportunity to select up the mantle of a dynasty. and therefore the remainder of the football world would swimmingly return to rooting against the Patriots.

2. San Francisco 49ers
Niners brass believe Jimmy Garoppolo, who's just a couple of months faraway from starting within the Super Bowl. But they didn't believe him enough to not entertain a search of Tom Brady this offseason. for instance things don't go as smoothly needless to say in 2020. San Francisco can straight-up cut Jimmy G and instantly save quite $24 million, with only a $2.8M dead cap hit, and that is assuming they can not find a taker on the trade market. In other words, if Kyle Shanahan wants an upgrade at QB, John Lynch can make it happen, and it won't wreck the team's finances.
Better yet, Rodgers and San Francisco are darn near a match made in heaven. The staff connections aren't overt, but Rodgers, remember, grew up but three hours from the town . He's a California boy, through and thru , and was a Niners fan growing up. Heck, the person thought he was going No. 1 to the 49ers during his infamous 2005 draft-day slide. Not only would the storylines be magnificent -- San Francisco finally embracing their true franchise QB, quite a decade later -- but the on-field fit would add up . Rodgers would easily be Shanahan's most talented arm, and you'd need to think the run game and defense will still be built up enough to require pressure off No. 12 for more Super Bowl runs.

1. Las Vegas Raiders
The Raiders, ladies and gents, are the clear-cut favorites. Derek Carr has managed to endure years of speculation about Jon Gruden's desire for a replacement QB, and yet he wasn't entrenched enough to stop the team from adding Marcus Mariota as a possible replacement-in-waiting this offseason. Meanwhile, the Raiders can cut Carr in 2021 and save almost $20 million, making him easily expendable within the event 2020 -- the team's big debut in Vegas -- doesn't re-evaluate as planned. (Some would argue neither he nor Mariota have the downfield arm to even maximize the club's speedy additions at wide receiver.)

Edgar Bennett, who serves on Gruden's offensive staff, spent 2015-17 because the Packers' offensive coordinator, and in his first two years at the helm, Rodgers threw 71 touchdowns and just 15 interceptions. Nothing but an anecdote? Maybe. But Gruden's diary of QB development -- or lack thereof -- speaks even more volumes: We talk per annum about he and therefore the Raiders potentially eyeing a top rookie signal-caller, but Gruden simply doesn't draft QBs, and if he does, he doesn't draft them high. The guy likes vets. And if there's one vet he could surely convince Mike Mayock to pursue, it's prime-time darling Rodgers.

A Vegas relocation would get Rodgers to the AFC for Green Bay . it might get Gruden a QB deserve investment. it might jump-start a replacement marketplace for the NFL. And it might give Rodgers a fresh path for his legacy. He wouldn't be learning anyone's mantle. He'd be forging his own, right within the Entertainment Capital of the planet .