Saturday, April 3, 2021

Where is Kamala? Lara Trump reacts


Fox News Contributor Lara Trump slammed Kamala Harris Saturday on "Watters' World" for refusing to visit the southern border more than a week after the Vice President was tasked with managing the crisis, and as the influx of migrants continues to grow. 

LARA TRUMP: This is a crisis…I don’t care how they want to spin it, there is no doubt this happening on our southern border right now…is an absolute crisis. We also had a bit of crisis situation at the beginning of COVID and what happened? You saw President Donald Trump task Vice President Mike Pence with heading up Operation Warp Speed, and he jumped in with both feet. You heard from him constantly. You heard from the White House constantly. They were holding press conferences as often as possible to keep the American people informed. 

The Biden Administration is the least transparent we have ever seen in the White House, and the media, of course, just gives them a pass because they’ve been on their side since day 1. They coddled Joe Biden the entire campaign, and allowed him to get to this spot, and now they don’t want to mess anything up.